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Fritsla Hockeyclub were born on December 30:th 2004, by 5 teenagers who wanted things to happen in their little village. Earlier during the 50s and 60s Fritsla had a hockey team that was pretty successful and played in the Swedish 4:th and (one year in the) 3:rd division. Unfortunately the club ended their history already in 1964.  
But once again, almost 50 years from back then, the hockey is rising in Fritsla. From Fritsla Hockeyclub´s start it has grown to nearly 95 members.  
During the 4,5 years the club has been active, we have worked hard and put down a lot of effort to make the dream of a hockeyrink in Fritsla come true. This hockey rink is a combined ice hockey/inlinehockey-rink, groundcovered with asphalt. The rink isn´t full-size, only 24m x 37m, but that´s just perfect for a great and simple game of hockey. The boards were built by the club´s members during the winter/spring in 2006 and the final work with asphalt and boards was made during the period october-february 2006/2007. Some work are though still to be done, such as electricity for spots to light up the rink and a protecting fence at both rinkends above the boards.
The winter (08/09) we truly can explain as the winter when hockey once again came back to Fritsla. All together we´ve had 22 days with a playable ice. People in Fritsla grabbed their skates and sticks and went down to the rink for some good old hockey game in the cold and crispy weather. Kids (future NHLers?) took their first strides ever, families came together for a nice and simple skate, and old hockeyplayers got a chance to remember the good old days.
The rink is now playable for inlinehockey and we welcomes everyone who wants to play some hockey together...
Where in Sweden is Fritsla? Fritsla is a small village with approx 2400 citizens and is located 22 kilometres south of the city Borås and 70 kilometres outside Swedens second greatest city, Göteborg (Gothenburg). Map: Fritsla-Sweden

If you have any questions about Fritsla Hockeyclub or want more information, please contact us.
Fritsla Hockeyklubb
c/o Lucas Hedberg
Alstervägen 6
511 71 Fritsla
Phone: +46 735 61 98 25

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